Thursday, 12 April 2012

Good Friday Gone Bad

Five Oldham players were referred to the RFL Disciplinary following their side's defeat in Good Friday's bad-tempered 'Battle of Spotland'.

Consequently, John Clough faces a charge of  'Conduct against the spirit of the game (barging player into wall) in the 80th minute', classified as a Grade E offence which carries a ban of up to 8 weeks.

Jamie Dallimore faces a Grade A fighting charge, as does Martn Roden. Danny Whitmore faces a Grade C 'sustained punching' charge. Alex Thompson who was yellow carded in a clear case of mistaken identity was also reported, but found not guilty. Hopefully that clears up Tony Benson's Wenger-esque 'confusion'.

Hornets Adam Bowman is also charged with the Grade A offence of fighting, though - in his defence - he was somewhat outnumbered.