Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The RFL Disciplinary Has Gone Ban-anas

Hornets are to appeal Gary Middlehurst's six match ban for kicking and punching during the North Wales Crusaders game on April 1.
Stanky is quoted as saying: "In light of recent disciplinary hearings, and their findings, Rochdale Hornets will be appealing against the six match ban given to Gary Middlehurst. The basis of this appeal with specifically focus upon the inconsistency of the sentence that was handed down, in comparison to bans that have been handed out over the past few days."
Specifically, we assume,  Rangi Chase's risible three match 'rest' after smashing Fev winger Tangi Ropati's jaw at Post Office Road on Saturday. If you missed it - here it is: brace yourself, it's a shocker...