Monday, 26 November 2012

2013 here we come!

Here are Hornets fixtures for 2013. Starting with a revamped, but no less convoluted, Northern Rail Cup in March (is it REALLY too complex to play round robin group games to give every team a fair go?) and the Co-Operative Championship 1 programme kicking off on Good Friday at Whitebank.

So print 'em out - stick 'em on the fridge and buy yourself a sat-nav. 

Northern Rail Cup

The 2013 Northern Rail Cup will begin with eight teams from the Championship One competition in a group stage.

Group A is: Oldham, Rochdale Hornets, Gateshead Thunder, North Wales Crusaders

Each club will play four games, two Home and two Away. Three games will be between clubs in their pool with one game played against a club in the other pool.

Round 1
Sunday March 3 
Rochdale Hornets v Gateshead Thunder (3.00pm) 

Round 2
Sunday March 10
Oldham v Rochdale (3.00pm)

Round 3
Sunday March 17
North Wales Crusaders v Rochdale Hornets (2.30pm) 

Round 4
Sunday March 24
Rochdale Hornets v London Skolars (3.00pm) South Wales v Oldham (2.00pm)

Co-operative Championship

Round 1
Friday March 29
Oldham v Rochdale Hornets (3:00pm) 

Round 2

Round 3
Sunday April 28 
South Wales Scorpions v Rochdale Hornets(3:00pm)

Round 4
Sunday May 5
Rochdale Hornets v North Wales Crusaders (3:00pm)

Round 5
Rochdale Hornets v London Skolars (3:00pm)

Round 6
Sunday May 26 
Gloucestershire All Golds v Rochdale Hornets (3:00pm)

Round 7
Sunday June 2 
Rochdale Hornets v Hemel Stags (3:00pm)

Round 8
Sunday June 9
Rochdale Hornets v Oxford (3:00pm)

Round 9
Sunday June 16 
Gateshead Thunder v Rochdale Hornets (3:00pm) 

Round 10
London Skolars v Rochdale Hornets (3:00pm) 

Round 11
Sunday June 30 
North Wales Crusaders v Rochdale Hornets (2:30pm) 

Round 12
Sunday July 7 
Hemel Stags v Rochdale Hornets (3:00pm) 

Round 13

Round 14
Sunday July 28 
Oxford v Rochdale Hornets (3:00pm) ]

Round 15
Sunday August 4
Rochdale Hornets v South Wales Scorpions (3:00pm)

Round 16
Sunday August 11
Rochdale Hornets v Gateshead Thunder (3:00pm) 

Round 17
Sunday August 18
Rochdale Hornets v Oldham (7:30pm Premier Sports)

Round 18
Sunday September 1
Rochdale Hornets v Gloucestershire All Golds (3:00pm)