Monday, 16 December 2013

North Wales Crusaders on Dual Registration...

The Leader: 26th February 2013
'The dual registration agreement…  allows Super League clubs to farm out players not in their plans to get some game time at teams further down the food chain. Crusaders are one of very few Championship or Championship One teams to shy away from such a deal - much to the delight of the players...'

Owain Brown declared: “From a player point of view I would not be happy if I had trained all pre-season and then someone from a Super League club played the first game.” 3rd march 2013
Crusaders v Oldham match report
"Crusaders handed competitive debuts to Gary Middlehurst, Stuart Reardon, Phil Braddish, Ryan MacDonald and Steve McDermott, while Oldham brought in four dual-registered players from partnership club Salford City Reds…"

The Leader: 12th March 201
Crusaders v Gateshead match report
“We’re delighted with the win”, Clive Griffiths said...  'A number of dual-registered players from Hull KR with Super League experience turned out for Thunder...' 16th March 2013
Crusaders v Hornets match preview
'… Hornets have had the luxury of fielding some quality Super League players such as Lee Gaskell and Tommy Makinson, who scored a hat-trick in the win over Gateshead Thunder, so far this season. But Griffiths is just concentrating on his own squad despite the difference that the dual-registered players can make at this level..'

Clive Griffiths: “They’ve stacked their team with dual-registered players in the past few weeks…  I expect them to do the same against us, so we’ll just have to see what kind of team they turn up with…" 16th April 2013
'North Wales Crusaders don't fear anyone'
Ryan Macdonald: "(Skolars) are building themselves up saying ‘we’re doing alright’ - but apart from the dual registration players they don’t have anyone new…" 18th May 2013
Swinton v NWC match preview
Clive Griffiths: "There are all sorts of rumours flying around as to who's going to be dual-registered for them…" 6th June 2013
'Crusaders star McConnell confident of early title party'
Dave McConnell: “Oldham are coming to our place and we don’t know what type of players they will have in with the dual-registration system, it is like pot luck each time we play a team with that agreement…"

Daily Post: 29th June 2013
Hornets use dual registration - and Clive Griffiths wants his men to rise to the battle
'North Wales Crusaders head coach Clive Griffiths wants his players to treat Rochdale Hornets’ use of dual-registration as a challenge...'

Clive Griffiths: "We don’t know who we will be facing this weekend, but you can look at that in two ways – and it will be a good challenge for our boys…" 22nd July  2013
Clive Griffiths: “We’ve no dual-registration with anybody and it’s been about real team work. Togetherness has brought us through…" 23rd August 2013
Skolars v Crusaders match preview
On Skolars, (Clive Griffiiths) said: “There’ve grown, recruited strongly and benefited from dual registration this year…" 16th December 2013
'Widnes have announced a partnership with newly-promoted Championship side North Wales Crusaders'
Clive Griffiths: "Denis (Betts) and I are on the same wave length when it comes to loans and dual registrations. It's going to be a long, physical and demanding season and a professional partnership with Widnes will certainly prove an added advantage."

Vote for Ian Talbot and Carl Forster

The League Express Reader's Poll for 2013 sees two Hornets nominated.

In the Championship 1 player of the year category, Carl Forster is nominated - and he's up against 'Big Spending North Wales™' own roly-poly bundle of fun Jono Smith, Oldham's Jon Ford, All Golds' Tyla Hepi and Skolars' Dylan Skee.

In the Championship 1 coach of the year category, Ian Talbot is is nominated - he's up against Oldham's Grand Final losing coach Scott Naylor, 'Big Spending North Wales™' Clive Griffiths and a couple of other blokes who won feck-all.

So click the link below and get your votes in for Carl and Tol - look on it as a chance to deny Oldham a couple more trophies.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hornets 2014 squad numbers

Apologies, we've been away for a couple of weeks and while we were away Hornets announced the 2014 squad numbers. So, the squad currently getting flogged in pre-season is:

1 Wayne English - Full Back
2 Gareth Langley - Wing
3 Dave Hull - Centre
4 Danny Davies - Centre
5 Ryan King - Wing
6 Paul Crook - Stand Off
7 Steven Roper - Scrum Half
8 John Cookson - Prop
9 Alex McClurg - Hooker
10 Warren Thompson - Prop
11 Chris Baines - Back Row
12 Alex Trumper - Back Row
13 Jordan Case - Back Row
14 Sean Casey - Scrum Half
15 Benji Lloyd - Wing
16 Liam Gilchrist - Wing
18 Matty Crow - Back Row
19 Casey Mayberry - Centre
20 Joe Bate - Prop
21 Chris Tyrer - Prop
22 Mike Ratu - Centre
23 James Dandy - Hooker
24 Tony Suffolk - Prop
25 Ste Marsh - Prop
26 Adam Bowman 
(on trial) - Back Row
27 Andrew Ball (on trial) - Back Row
28 Matt Cooper 
(on trial) - Prop