Friday, 7 October 2016

Jason takes the trophy

On Friday evening,  the TLCRF80mins trophy was awarded to Jason Viller for what we feel was the season's definitive moment of sheer joy and maximum schadenfreude.

For the one moment that we believe defined what it means to belong to the Hornets Family, we had to wait until only 20 minutes of the season remained.

Yatesey had teased Toulouse winger Kuni Minga out of position with a kick to the corner, Michael Ratu had bullied the ball from his grasp and dropped the ball out of the back door for Jack Holmes to give Hornets the lead at 16-18.

The entire main stand sat in stunned silence - except for me, and one other person going absolutely nuts. His reaction and our mutual realisation that the impossible just might happen here was a moment of absolute magic.