Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Warren Piece

It's our almost midweek look at what the opposition coach said about last weekend's game. But when we scoured the West Yorkshire press for pearls of Warren Jowitt's wisdom, they were harder to find than a blade of grass on Dewsbury's swamp-like pitch.

So we had to look to the Rugby League press to find out his view.

In the League Express he was happy: "It was very pleasing… " he said (clearly delighted to have seen his side make it to the 62nd minute before clocking off this week). In the League Weekly he made a case for getting a new watch for his birthday: "I got a 70 minute performance today…" he said "… overall, I'm pleased…".  Only another ten minutes to find, then.

He was less happy with the Tetley's Stadium pitch (so named because it's small, square and cuts up like a wet tea-bag, perhaps?).

 "… (the conditions) were really bad, it was like a quagmire out there…" he squelched in the League Express. In League Weekly he was more taciturn: "Conditions weren't the best…"

The game wasn't the best either, to be honest. In a competition that's not the best.

Now - let's get on with the real business...