Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Watch Out Here Come: SW Scorpions

Behold an exercise in futility. Two teams who've failed to qualify for the second phase of a competition that's already been and gone, compelled to play a dead rubber on a Wednesday night, where one of the teams: a) has already failed to show up and: b) has to travel the length of the country. Only on planet Rugby League could something so mind-bogglingly stupid occur.

But occur it must, so we are compelled to go through the motions. With more important things like the league to be faffed with at this stage of the season, I imagine that both coaches involved will use this as an opportunity to give fringe players/reserves a run.

Stanky has already indicated that his side will have an 'experimental' look about it - using it to give Gary Middlehurst some much needed gametime after his enforced sabbatical, and to run the rule over ex-Swinton prop Joe Fitzpatrick who's signed on a trial basis.

As for the possible shape of the Scorpions side, your guess is as good as mine. All I do know is that getting back to Neath at 2.30 in the morning will be a monumental pisser.

The one positive attached to the game is that those fans turning out will receive a voucher to get into Sunday's league game with Gateshead without charge. Eminently fair and a generous reward for the hardy-souls who'll rock-up on Wednesday. Whilst there's no doubt that this will have all the feel of a reserve game it will come with all the cost connotations of a regular fixture, so it makes sense to make it as attractive as possible.

Ultimately, though, any game of Rugby League on a Wednesday night has to be better than watching crap telly. And having paid £21 to watch Huddersfield bore Hull into a coma on Easter Monday, £12 feels like a bargain. 

So look on it as a much needed donation to our club or an opportunity to watch two games for six-quid each. And buy a fistful of Golden gamble tickets too. As they say at Central Park these days: every little helps!