Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sunday's Coming: Hunslet Old Boys

The Challenge Cup excites the whole of the Rugby League Community and, as a club with a strong community remit, Hornets should see a kindred spirit in Hunslet Old Boys. 

Founded in 1940, The Hunslet Boys Club was established to give the young people of South Leeds opportunities to enjoy 'recreation activities, warmth and comradeship'. The poor level of physical fitness of conscripts to the armed forces inspired the club's motto of 'FITNESS FOR LIFE'  and its founders set out to promote physical and mental wellbeing in the local community.

It's not green and yellow - it's myrtle and flame.

In 2008 the club was renamed 'The Hunslet Club' and - more than 70 years after its foundation - it continues to meet the local  community's needs for both physical and life-skills training. A varied programme of vocational opportunities helps develop skills such as car & bike mechanics, construction, hair dressing and beautician skills - and the club works in conjunction with local schools to deliver accredited qualifications. Physical activities remain a core part of the club's offering. From streetdance, cheerleading and drama to kickboxing, gymnastics and football, The Hunslet Club delivers a vast range of activities - and continues a strong tradition of keeping Rugby League's (Myrtle and) Flame alive in the Hunslet district, having clocked up regular final appearances culminating in a 2012 Yorkshire Cup win.

It's interesting to note that the most famous Hunslet Old Boy is former Wigan and Great Britain winger Jason Robinson, who began his rugby odyssey as a junior in the club's colours.

Hunslet Old Boys' most recent foray into the Challenge Cup Challenge was last year, where they succumbed to the Yorkshire juggernaut that is Featherstone Rovers by 86 - 12.

Hunslet Old Boys have just played a winter season in the Pennine Premier League and, at the time of writing, proudly at the top of the table.

The Old Boys strike threat looks to come from two key sources: fullback Luke O'Malley, who has pro experience with Hunslet Hawks, is the club's leading points scorer this season, followed closely by goalkicking GB Community Lions prop Jamie Field.

Old Boys are coached by former Wigan and Halifax fullback Daryl Cardiss.