Monday, 11 March 2019

In Search of Answers

Much like you we are waking up this morning questioning pretty much everything about yesterday's debacle: a punishing embarrassment meted out on our club by what appears to be the wilful intransigence of parties beyond our control.

Whilst our club regathers, regroups and strives to recover from this damage to our reputation, we feel that nothing constructive can be gained at this time by trying to call-out the parties concerned.

We understand the difficulties our club faces in endeavouring to negotiate a resolution to this miserable situation - and we will cover it in detail when the dust has settled.

For some insight, though, we look to the statement of York Chairman Jon Flatman.

"There is a clear issue to resolve when both teams players, staff and officials want a game to occur and issues created via the Stadium Management company and contractors result in a different outcome."

"The match commissioner was clear that the pitch was playable and he tried his very best to reason with a group of individuals who had a different agenda. Health & Safety is a primary concern of all parties, however it is not correct to use this backdrop to mask a different agenda."

While we await answers, all we - as a Fanblog - can ask is that fellow Hornets supporters retain their faith that everyone at the club works as hard as they possibly can to deliver success under difficult circumstances; that the RFL stands in our corner over this issue and plays a guiding role in its resolution; and that the York fans consider the possibility that, being a tenant of a football landlord, their club might at least want to check the legalities of their lease. There but for the grace of god and all that...

Ultimately, you can only wish for others what they wish for you. And Karma has a long shelf life.