Thursday, 2 August 2012

Look 'aht, 'ere comes Lahndan Skolahs

Formerly the whipping boys of CC1, London Skolars these days are a very different kettle of… er… jellied eels.

Robust, well organised and motivated by Skolars old boy Joe Mbu, they're on a bit of a roll - last week slamming SW Scorpions by 64 to 6 - the second successive match they'd hit the 60+ mark - after being 6-nil down. Warning signs there.

And with places in CC1's pointless end-of-season playoffs still up for grabs (just think of the revenue…) Sunday's game still carries some weight. Hard on Hornets' heels with 20 points, a win on sunday would catapult Skolars up the table. Given that Oldham are likely to get a nasty dry humping up at Barrow, this game looks like the battle for 5th. But with Whitehaven at home to high-flying Doncaster, a Cumbrian defeat and a Hornets win once again closes the gap to three points - Hornets with a marginally better points difference of just 2. So racking up the points would help - especially if Doncaster can deny 'Haven the bonus point. All very complicated.

As Lenny Kravitz once said "Baby it aint over til it's over" and Hornets need to keep their foot on the gas for when Whitehaven blow-up (for which we remain ever-hopeful)

But Mbu remains bullish: "It's wide open at the moment, with both the Welsh clubs and ourselves in with a real chance of dislodging Oldham and Rochdale", he said earlier in the week. And, given the opportunity to rub it in: "We've beaten (Hornets) down here in consecutive seasons and, with so much riding on the game we'll be looking for a hat-trick." Hopefully, he'll spend Sunday evening quetly reviewing those words while he begins his planning for next season.

As always, it'll be the hard-core Hornets who make the trip 'Sarf' - but hopefully there'll be enough of us to make a bit of noise and give the lads a lift.