Friday, 10 August 2012

RFL Ban Stanky from RL. Thanks a lot, Red Hall.

An RFL Operational Rules Tribunal has banned John Stankevitch from all involvement in Rugby League matches or the business of Rugby League with member clubs.

Stankevitch was deemed to have committed blatant and deliberate misconduct in his wilful disregard for RFL Operational Rules in his failure to pay fines imposed by two earlier RFL Tribunals.

Stankevitch was fined £1,000, £500 of which was suspended, after being found guilty of misconduct for abusing a match official following a Northern Rail Cup tie between Rochdale Hornets and Keighley Cougars. The Tribunal also ordered Stankevitch to forfeit a further £250 which had been suspended from a previous misconduct charge.

Stankevitch failed to pay the fines by the given deadline and did not exercise his right to  appeal and have a full re-hearing.

In handing down their decision, the RFL Tribunal ruled that under Operational Rule D1.12 (b) (v), Stankevitch is banned from the following activity:

-        Involvement in matches;
-        Attendance at Rugby League grounds on matchday;
-        Involvement in the business of any member club.

Involvement in this context includes both paid and voluntary involvement. Though I'm not sure they could impose this legally, surely it's a restriction of trade.

The penalty will remain in force until full payment of the fines due is made. Stankevitch has also been informed that he has the right to appeal this decision pursuant to Operational Rule D1.33.