Friday, 10 January 2014

The last word on 2013...

Just to close the door on 2013, we have the final votes on the League Express Championship One (you know, that league we used to play in...Oldham's league...).

After a huge effort from the Hornets family, both Carl Forster and Ian Talbot came close seconds to representatives from Champions 'Big Spending North wales Crusaders™' (aka 'we don't agree with Dual reg. until it suits us' Crusaders™). 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved and vote. Now - let's look forward - bring on 2014 (get yourself to Keighley and get behind the lads1)

The placings by % of votes cast were:

League Express CHAMPIONSHIP ONE Player of the year

Jono Smith 30.5%
Carl Forster 28%
Jon Ford 16%
Tyla Hepi 15%
Dylee Skee 10.5%

League Express CHAMPIONSHIP ONE Coach of the year
Clive Griffiths 43%
Ian Talbot 23%
Scott Naylor 14%
Joe Mbu 12%
Troy Perkins 8%