Thursday, 15 September 2016

Saturday's Coming: Toulouse Preview 2

Ahead of Saturday's Promotion Final, we took a look at how Toulouse are previewing the game. Their website features an interview with Manly born, Warringah Rugby and Manly RUFC product Gregory White. In November 2012, he was invited to join the England 7's squad for training and he has represented France at Rugby League.

A few days before the long-awaited League One Final ( Saturday, September 17 at 15:30 in Blagnac ) we met with winger Gregory WHITE who is preparing for this confrontation against the  Rochdale Hornets .

Gregory White in action against the All Golds
The experienced TO player speaks about the last performance of his team, and discusses with honesty the match that could allow his team access to the Championship.   Toulouse aim to win the final and become the first French team to be champions of England.

Q: Quickly, can you come back to the game this weekend against the Barrow Raiders?

Gregory WHITE: We made a great start to the game with a score of 28-0 in the first 25 minutes. After that, it was a little harder. Barrow took time to get into the game, and we took advantage of it, but they became much more dangerous. But we managed to stay ahead and win (44-22). The difficulty of this meeting was not to get overwhelmed by the idea of ​​the final, I think we have done quite well. This match was a good preparation for the game this weekend.

How does the group feel just days before the big day? And on a personal level how are you approaching the game?

Gregory WHITE: The team feels good and kept its usual good spirit.  We are pretty relaxed and always enjoy working and laughing together. Why we approach this final pretty "relaxed” is that we believe in our team and in our game. For many of us, we will play our fourth final in three years. We've learned to manage our stress and make the best to be efficient in our play. Experience and confidence are crucial in this final stretch.

Personally, I am very pleased to participate once again in such an event , I’ll take this opportunity fully , and I 'm looking forward to the big day

Q: A word about the opponents: the Rochdale Hornets .

Gregory WHITE: It's a strong team, very strong. The first half should be decisive, it will take time before one of the two teams take the ascendancy over the other. We'll have to be cautious and not hurry . The important thing is to stay focused on our game by making sure we properly follow the instructions of the coaches. Over time, we will dominate . It will be up to us to do the job if we are to win .

Clearly, it's all about Toulouse.
Q: What will  TO to rely on to win? What is the preparation of the team for the final ?

Gregory WHITE: I am convinced that one of the greatest strengths of the TO is its collective. We are a very close team and our game can not function without this connection. If sometimes individuals perform well, we are only really effective when we play together and we share the job. For 80 minutes, it will take us to be attentive to each other, and to encourage each other. Our preparation for this final is similar to the usual, what changes is only the working atmosphere more cheerful and excited. However we try to always keep in mind our goals and not get carried away by the overflow of emotions. To arrive in the best condition, we must prepare seriously without it going to our head, and that's what we do.

Finally, you have known the time when the TO evolved in the Championship, what do you feel about the idea of ​​maybe finding yourself back in this competition?

Gregory WHITE: Don’t jump the gun, we are not there yet , but it's true that I am very excited to join the Championship. If we can go up , this is a championship in which we move together, individually and collectively. It will not be easy but we are ready and we’ve worked hard all the season to deserve our place. One more step to take: to win this final.

For this meeting at Stade Ernest Argel├Ęs ( Rue du Moulin - 31700 Blagnac) , general admission / East Stand will costs 10 euros ( reduced price 5 euros for students , high school students, disabled (80%) , unemployed):  west grandstand will be 15 euros.